Being ready for Christ's return shows we are either disinterested or delighted.
If Christ is the Way, why waste time traveling any other.

Try Jesus before you reject him.

Christ has replaced the dark door of death with the shining gate of life.

Jesus is God spelling himself out in language that man can understand.

The birth of Christ brought God to man, but it took the cross of Christ to bring man to God.

Jesus can change the foulest sinner into the finest saint.

Jesus: not a law-giver, a life-giver.

To face Christ as judge is to know him as a friend.

We may love Jesus too little, but we can never love him too much.

The humble Carpenter of Nazareth was also the mighty Architect of the Universe.

No day is dark when the Son is present.

Christ was born here below that we might be born from above.

The Son of God became the Son of Man that he might change the sons of men into sons of God.

If the world doesn't hate you, you are not like Jesus.

The Bread of Life never becomes stale.

The Light of the World knows no power failures.

Christ's incarnation brought the infinite God within reach of finite men.

God's communication to man has come through the Christ of the cross.

In the bank of righteousness, the sinner has no account; his only hope is Christ's account.

When Christ is the center of your focus, all else will come into proper perspective.

Jesus invested his life in you; have you shown any interest?

It's tragic to know Psalm 23 but not know the Shepherd.
When you meet a person who has all things, why not introduce him to Jesus?

Jesus began and ended his ministry the same way—alone.

We may travel the sea of life without Christ; but what about the landing?

Man's best friend, Jesus, has conquered man's worst enemy, death.

Jesus Christ forgave voluntarily; he died vicariously; he arose visibly; and he fives victoriously.

We are never alone when we are alone with Jesus.